Welcome to ABC Confort, Company specialised at Design, Development and Manufacture  of equipments for domestic and industrial use.

• Electric Radiator, main technolgies: Fluid, dry technology, stone technology, steatite, lava stone, hybrid systems, etc…
• Domotic systems:  regulation and control.
• Humidification systems, specific essences for humidifiers.
• Equipments for bathrooms: Towel Dryer - radiators.
• External heating systems and much more... 

Our products are distributed in several European Union countries and multiple channels, through our own brands like Fácula or Tíndalo, as well as the customised manufacturing with other brands (OEM).

If you are interested in:

- Distributing our products in your country. (Adapting our products to your market specifications also by testing products in  laboratories such as NF Electricite for the French market for example).

- Introducing your products in markets such as Spanish, Portuguese ... (From ABC Confort you are going to have a global coverage of your portfolio). 

- Increasing your range of product with hight performace radiators. We are able to develope and manufacture these kind of appliances with your own trade mark (OEM) and country specifications, approvals, voltage rating, supply power cord ....

If one of these is your case,please feel free to contact us and we will be deligth to study your case. 

 info@abcconfort.com  -  00 34 947481578                Thanks¡¡.